Defeat the UN Defamation of Religions Resolution (DoRR).

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Church, End times, Persecuted
 It has long been the opinion that just as we have seen the precaution of believers in the east, we would soon see it in the west.  Open Doors is hoping to block an UN resolution which would stop the freedom of people from expressing their views on certain religions.  It is well within the possibility that very soon web sites such as this will be forced to close and its author prosecuted .Open doors has sent this letter out asking for support take time to read it and respond.

Dear Friend,

We’re coming down to our final push to defeat the UN Defamation of Religions Resolution (DoRR). The DoRR 3rd Committee vote is scheduled for next week at the UN so please take a moment to help stop its passage!

This dangerous resolution criminalizes words or actions perceived as attacks against a religion, with the focus being on protecting Islam. Passing this resolution results in the UN condoning state-sponsored persecution of Christians.

Christians who make truth claims or evangelise can be accused of “defamation” and those individuals can be punished under national blasphemy laws. Members of minority faiths such as Christians are frequently falsely accused of “defamation” to settle personal scores or to shut down any criticism of Islam. This has happened in countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan. Regrettably, the Defamation or Religions Resolution provides legitimacy to these national blasphemy laws.

I was recently in New York lobbying various countries at the UN to change their vote on the DoRR. Open Doors was privileged to work with a group of other organizations and Church entities during these lobbying efforts. We had some incredible meetings and look forward to seeing what kind of fruit may come of these joint efforts.When taking action today, you will be joining with over 200,000 Open Doors supporters worldwide who have spoken out against the resolution. Please send a message to your legislator, asking him/ her to ask key countries to change their vote on the Defamation of Religions Resolution. A sample letter is provided for you to send.Please send your message today and stand up to efforts by the UN to restrict religious freedom worldwide!Advocating with you,

Lindsay Vessey
Advocacy Director
Open Doors USA

If you wish to make your voice heard then please go to the Open Door web site to respond

  1. dajjal says:

    G.A. & HRC resolutions lack force of law. International Human Rights Covenants can be enforced in court. That is why the OIC is running on a third track, below the radar, to inject the provisions of the resolutions into ICERD.

    At the end of November, ’10, the HRC’s Ad Hoc Cmte. meets to work on the protocol to ICERD. The protocol will be voted on and approved. It will be signed. It will be ratified. The Supreme Court will not hear the case. Kiss the First Amendment goodbye.

    We are outnumbered and outvoted. We have only one possible defense: raise the political cost so high that the OIC will back off.

    There is only one way to do that: Lift the lid of the septic tank and let the world see and smell its contents. Expose Islam!!!

    ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG contain provisions which, if enforced, would require that Islam be proscribed by law because it incentivises war & genocide and denies human rights.

    We must rise up as one with a loud voice and disrespectfully demand specific enforcement of those provisions!!!

    The International Qur’an Petition is our way of doing that.
    If you love life, if you love liberty, if you hate opopression & censorship, then you will sign, publicize, share, spread, propagate & promote the International Qur’an Petition

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