Where is the Messianic Seal taking us?

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Church, Israel, Messianic seal
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It was once stated that all roads led to Rome, today I am not sure of that.  For there is one road that is leading us back to the first century and the same conflict the early Christians had to deal with.

On Face Book someone had an article on his wall on this subject which comes from another web site on the Messianic Seal.  I read that one a while back.  I would say almost all the information on the Messianic Seal is just a rehash from the one original article written by Ludwig Schneider.  Not completely sure yet but he might be the person who runs “Israel Today” Magazine,   which features the logo predominantly..  The interesting aspect is that he is the one that claims to have been given some of the artefacts by the aged Greek orthodox priest.  Ludwig interest in this is that he then set up a gift shop selling this logo but was shut down by religious Jews and was forced to leave.    I am absolutely convinced that there is a money aspect to this.  Even a brief glance on the net shows how much this logo is being sold.  From earrings, tee shirts, rings cuff links, and just about anything that can be printed has been sold with this logo on.  Nothing sacred!  But someone is making a lot of money.  People are clambering after this seal like a fly on a dog back.  For no better reason than it is being pushed on the belief that this came from the Jerusalem church.  We have become a tourist orientated culture and tourism sells.  However the logo as it is now is a more polished affair than the one found scratched onto the side of some pots.  If you want to know why something becomes popular these days follow the money trail.
Archaeologist first principle:
The first basis of Archaeology is the same as a crime scene.  You document the evidence.  Photographs of where are how these artefacts were found.  Measurements and careful written descriptions are needed.   None of this was ever found or kept by the aged monk.  In such a case the artefacts are worthless.  They were taken out of their original background / context and hid in a dark cellar for years.  When such archaeology is removed like this and their context has been lost archaeologist usually don’t give much credence to them.  Also we know that traditionally many of the sites which are supposed to be marked as the sight of holy places are really tourist traps and have very little connection to the genuine places in question.  In the end as the monk died and the only person pushing this agenda is Ludwig.   Jewish archaeologist as reported on my other article      doesn’t give much credence to the artefacts.  Other than the word of a dead monk there is NO evidence that the artefacts were ever in Jerusalem let alone used by any of the disciples.  For Zionist this has become nothing more than personal blind leap faith.  As such it does what the apostles have always tried to avoid, which was to entrap believers back under the law.
Messianic congregations:
One of problems the church must to take the blame is that we began to call Jews who turned to Christ “messianic Jews” and thus gave them a significant appearance above Gentile believers.  It was the gentile church that elevated them unto a pedestal, something which I am convinced has come back to bite us.
 If there was neither Jew nor Greek then there should have never been such a title offered.  Thus we were saying they were different to other believers.  This difference has increased over the years until we have people offering up Hebrew names for Jesus.  While not in itself a major concern as different languages will pronounce Jesus slightly different.  It has made the gap between “messianic Jews” even wider from their gentile counterparts, something which God and the early apostles tried to avoid.  Further it has presented an ongoing attraction to gentile believers that they are not truly Christian unless they embrace “their Hebrew roots”.  Suddenly we are back in the first century.  Now we have “messianic congregations” which flavour predominantly on Jewish legalism.  I am not talking about all jewish congregations, many are now run by gentiles pastors for gentiles.  However as many an article will inform they have become more legalistic as time goes on.  In the end I suspect this is the direction this  whole messianic  movement will lead,  In time You will not be able to separate between Judaism  and their messianic counterparts.
Now the in thing is to have gentiles running around trying to be Jewish, blowing shofas, keeping Sabbath days and feasts days.  Some have even taking to quoting from the blasphemous Talmud as if it was scripture.  We have also seen ministers who will now appear wearing jewish prayer shawls and caps in the hope of being more appealing.  If I was a jew if would find that disgusting.  So we see gentiles running around wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and believing that somehow wearing it can incur the blessing of God.  Those who sell it usually make quite a bit of money from it. 
Christian, Messianic or Judaism we have to choose?
While I hope this was the exception I remembered watching a video by a messianic Jew who privately paid a Jewish Rabbi to circumcise his son.  This would be like getting the Pope to give a Christian communion.
Considering that circumcision in the flesh is no longer practiced, it was clear from the video that the family in question continued to practice their Jewish believes and Jesus was somehow an extra attachment.  As I said I hope this was not the norm among jewish believers, But the impression I got that it was.  I would be happy to hear from any Jewish believer who is able to share otherwise. 
1 Cor 7: 19 Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God.
Gal 5: 6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.
The tie that binds:
Obviously the key that connects all this together just happened to turn up in recent years with in the form of a logo which they call the Messianic Seal.  Suddenly the proof many have been waiting on has surfaced.  The fact that it has never surfaced anyway else should sound some alarm.  But then when a leading minister like John Hagee can openly reject Jesus as the messiah and no one bothers we should not be surprised.  There are drawings of the fish among the catacombs of Rome.  We even have sculptures of the Jewish Menorah found but nowhere do we find these two emblems combined in scripture, in documentation in pictures or anywhere. 
They surface out of nowhere and no one has the thinking capacity to question or even to investigate.  Like why archaeologist don’t take them seriously.  But today does anyone care about truth and righteousness
When the leading character is dead, the place where they were supposed to have been found is barred up and access forbidden.   The seal is being sold on mere cuff links and key fobs does it matter anymore.  A Professing church that once believed in the truth has in recent years become more attracted by mere novelties like pleasurable experience entertainment and music that excites.  Things such as suffering, commitment, service, study, and the Bible are now becoming outdated.  Overhead projectors have taken over from people bringing their Bible to church.  Dancing and falling over has taken over from the real preaching of the word.  Today the best preachers are those who have come out of motivational seminars.  It’s not repentance that counts anymore but how motivated is your congregation.

For further study on the         Messianic Seal

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