Rick Warren duplicity exposed before the world

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Homosexuality, John Piper, Rick Warren, Videos included
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Rick Warren Exposed as a liar and hypocrite,

In January, 2006, Church Report – “the magazine for church business administrators and para church executives” published the results of a three month survey in which the magazine’s readers were asked their top 10 choices for “The Most Influential Christian (in America) for 2005.” The survey placed Rick Warren in 4th place. 


The unbelieving world looks on in amusement.  They hold the likes of Warren up and laugh and say “is this Christianity”    We wonder  why the world does not take the message of the cross serious.  This is why!  A man who is so easily caught out.  A man who says he is not political and yet makes political statements.  This man will push an agenda one minute and when he feels he is not going to be loved will do a complete U turn the next.  Worse will lie to cover up his tracts.  The Video on this article clealry reveals Warrens duplicity and lies.  Supporting a bill one minute and then lying about supporting it the next.  John Piper wanted to invite him to his desiring God conference?

This is not just a wolf in sheeps clothing but a fool in sheeps clothing!


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