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 The protesters varied from disappointed and abused Catholics, to atheists and agnostics.  From homosexuals to the general public who wished to make their voice heard.

 Figures vary as to exactly how many showed up on Saturday to march to Downing Street, but we know there were in their thousands.  While the TV stations did highlight the protest march and interview ed a few people on the reasons for the protests.  For the most part they did not get a look in contrast to what was aired on the pope.

 The web site which publicised the march stated:

This will be the main opportunity to show the strength of feeling against the Vatican’s inhumane and damaging policies. It is your opportunity to show solidarity with the tens of thousands of children that have been raped by Catholic priests around the world, and many more have been physically and psychologically abused. Given he was Prefect in charge of discipline since 1981, not one person knows more about child abuse in his Church than Benedict, yet he had the cheek to stand on the plane coming to Britain and tell journalists that he was “shocked” by the revelations, as though he had only just found out about them.

Yet he has enabled many of the abusers to escape punishment and go on to reoffend. He has obstructed justice and protected his clergy, especially the more senior ones, from the consequences they should have suffered for their inactions or actions. He must be called to account.

You can show your disapproval of Ratzinger by protesting against the legal bans that the Vatican has fought for on abortion and stem cell research. And also for his obdurate, and breathtakingly irresponsible, opposition to contraception. It fuels a population growth that is unsustainable. Women in poverty-stricken circumstances in countries with dwindling resources are doomed to have large families that they cannot support and who frequently starve. And his using all means, even dishonest ones, to prevent condom use causing untold numbers to die unnecessarily of AIDS because the only known barrier against the disease, condoms, is denied to them.

People from around the country will also be coming to decry Benedict’s constant defamation and insults of gay people. He calls gay relationships — however loving and committed they may be — ‘intrinsically disordered’ and ‘morally evil’. He even says that sympathising with gay people who are being persecuted is a sin. Make no mistake, the Vatican has declared war on gay people and this is the time to start the fightback.

 As the author of this web site takes a Biblical stance on these issues  and it should not be seen as an approval.  But to highlight the various opinions held.

 About 10.000 march on Downing Street to protest against the pope.  Some of which was a protest against condoms ( Catholic Church is against contraceptives)  Although figures vary and should not be taken as precise.

 As Africa has been ravaged in many places with HIV and AIDS.  The use of contraceptives would prevent the spread of the virus.  However as Roman Catholics are forbidden to use them are in greater danger.  As well as increasing the population of families who live well below the poverty line.  Unprotected sex would increase the hardship of people already suffering. 

 Orange Lodge

 The Orange Order in Ireland has called on its members to protest the Pope’s upcoming visit to England.

And it says that anyone welcoming Pope Benedict XVI in September should be warned that they are acknowledging “his primacy and universal supremacy as Vicar of Christ on earth.”

While the Lodge recognises the right of the pope to visit to his flock, but must object on a Biblical basis.

The lodge sees itself as protestant in nature, But I would not call it Biblical in practice.  The name originally comes from William III, Prince of Orange. Personally the lodge is another form of Free Masonry.    Like all free Masonry they too have rituals and degrees and unholy oaths to perform.

“The Orange Order is a large exclusively Protestant secret society. The Orange Order is one of the biggest secret societies existing throughout the world today, having tens of thousands of members in Ireland, Britain, America, and throughout the British Commonwealth (especially Australia, Canada and New Zealand). Notwithstanding, whilst most people today are aware of the existence of the Order, few know anything about its inner teaching and practices. The Orange Order has succeeded, where other secret bodies have failed, in concealing its secrets and mysteries from outside scrutiny.” 

Reverend Ian Paisley

THE Reverend Ian Paisley led protests against the Pope’s visit to Britain today.

Rev Paisley, founder of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, was in Edinburgh along with 60 ministers from across the UK to voice their disdain for the taxpayer funded State visit.

Mr Paisley –- who sits in the House of Lords as Lord Bannside – held a service in the Magdalen Chapel in Cowgate, where John Knox once preached, and later claimed the visit was against everything the Queen stood for.

He said: “We are here for a very solemn and serious reason today, the whole day is nonsense.

“I faced the last Pope in the European Parliament when two men ran at me with knives and tried to make me a martyr, I decided not to be made a martyr.

“I have just seen the statement made today which says that if you pay £25 to be at the Mass in Scotland your sins will be forgiven.

“No man can forgive sins but Christ himself, it is misleading nonsense.

“I don’t believe the Queen will have decided to receive the Pope in a democratic way, it is against everything she stands for.”

The ministers staged their public protest holding up a banner objecting to the visit which said: ‘Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster remembering the reformation being now justified.’

The event was organised under the umbrella of the British Council of Protestant Christian Churches, of which Lord Bannside is chairman.

The group, consisting of a number of small churches from across the UK, sent a letter of protest to the Queen prior to the papal visit.

Ministers walked slowly towards the plaque commemorating the spot where many martyrs and covenanters died for the Protestant faith at the Grassmarket, to stage their protest.

They were followed by their preacher Mr Paisley, 84, who founded the Free Presbyterian Church in 1951.

When asked what he thought of taxpayers forking out the bill for the Pope’s visit, Mr Paisley simply grinned and replied: “I’m just glad I’m not an Edinburgh tax payer.”

Dr Ron Johnston, moderator of the Magdalen Chapel, preached ahead of Rev Paisley, and said: “We reject the word of the man Joseph Ratzinger, who claims he can give salvation and claims if you pay £25 to attend the Mass in Glasgow you will have years of purgatory with your sins – there is no such thing.

“The Pope claims he is another Christ, but there is only one Christ and we stand for salvation through him alone – not from the word of a man.

“No sacrifice but Christ.

“We believe in the protestant reformation, and we stand here to celebrate it today – we stand for the same principles that John Knox did.

“How dare the Pope come here on the 450th anniversary of the reformation?”

The protesters handed out leaflets to the public, explaining why they opposed the Papal visit, which says it is not because of ‘blind sectarianism’.

They also stood in the Grassmarket for around 15 minutes singing hymns and saying prayers.

Lord Bannside later defended his decision to hold a protest. He told reporters: “I believe in freedom. I wouldn’t be muzzled by anybody. I believe there has to be civil and religious liberty and there should be full debate on these things.

“I resent the fact that this state visit to Scotland was never discussed in the House of Commons. It was never dealt with within a democratic way.”

He said he was “not inciting people to attack anyone – but [to] attack those views that we feel are not truthful, are not accurate and only deceive people”.

Free Presbyterian moderator, Rev Dr Ron Johnston, said the protestors were “elated” at how much publicity their message had attracted, with at least 50 media outlets turning up.

There is no doubt that Ian Paisley is at his best when it comes to preaching against Roman Catholicism.  He has always been a topical figure.  Many have found it difficult to reconcile Paisley the Christian minister and Paisley the Member of Parliament.  I personally have never liked him as a politician, but when he comes to preaching the gospel he is straight down the line.


The six terrorist


Six people were arrested on anti terrorist charges.  However after much investigation nothing was found and they have now been released without charge.  Apparently what was nothing more than idle joking at their works canteen was perceived as a plot to kill the old gentleman.  Those suspected were from the garbage depot in London.  The six are now considering suing the police for false arrest.


A weekend poll commissioned by the BBC found 70% of British Catholics expect the Pope’s visit to help the Catholic Church in the UK.

Nearly half thought he should drop his insistence on clerical celibacy.  However official source have said that celibacy will stay.

And 52% of the 500 Catholics surveyed said the sex abuse scandal had shaken their faith in the Church’s leadership.

The cost of the four day trip.

 Figures vary wildly from 1 million to 12 million.  I suspect only the treasury will know the full answer to this question.  But there is no doubt that millions were spent

 However as many have realised in a time of anticipated governmental cut backs, should this government have taken such a tenure to spend such sums on  just a four day trip?  Further more were these cut backs done in order to finance the pope’s trip?

 Follow up report issue by channel 4 reports:

 More than half of Catholic priests convicted of sexually abusing children in the last decade are still listed as members of the clergy, it was reported.

A Channel 4 News investigation said that of 22 priests convicted and jailed for more than a year for child sex abuse since 2001, 14 were yet to be laicised or sacked from the Catholic  Church of England and  Wales

Last night programme said some were still even receiving financial support from the Church and living in Church-owned property.

The revelations follow recommendations made in 2001 by senior Judge Lord Nolan, who suggested that any priest sentenced to a year or more in prison for sex offences against children should face “laicisation” – the stripping of their title, priesthood and privileges.

A spokesman for the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC) said any priest being investigated for an offence against a child was automatically removed from active ministry.

He said: “This will usually include restrictions to not wear clerical garb and can include the requirement to move out of Church accommodation.

“Following a conviction and the serving of a prison sentence of 12 months or more, the above restrictions would still be in place.”

But he added that, under Canon Law, a Bishop has no power to laicise a priest and must apply to  Rome for laicisation to be carried out.

Some six applications for dismissal are under way against the 14 convicted priests.

The programme stated that one further decision to pursue dismissal has been taken.

Three other dismissals were rejected by Rome or not pursued for health reasons.

And in the remaining four cases no applications have been made but the clergymen are subject to risk management in the community.

Bill Kilgallon, chairman of the NCSC, told Channel 4 News that Rome accepted the authority of the English court system which had convicted the paedophile priests.

He said: “Obviously the court’s view is accepted and, as you know, in England all allegations are referred to the statutory authorities; they are not investigated within the Church, they are handed over to the statutory authorities.”

Asked if the Catholic Church did not “get” child abuse, he replied: “The Church does get it, and what you have got here is a minority of cases where a decision has been taken in the specific cases referred to because of the particular conditions there.

“The general rule is people are put forward for laicisation and that we strongly support


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