Controversy continues in the wake of the popes visit

Posted: September 15, 2010 in false teachers, Joseph Ratzinger, Roman Catholic Church
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The popes visit continues to generate controversy. It is estimated that his four-day visit will cost the tax payer almost 12 million. In a time when the government demands heavy cut backs in many of their departments.  This included the police and the arm forces.  The country needs to save money because we are heavily in debt we are told.  It is strange then that the government is going to fork out such a huge sum for just a four trip of an aged dignitary.  It is then expected that the tax payers will pay for it, no doubt for years to come.  The question that needs to be asked, are these cut backs despite the popes visit or because of it.  Are these cut backs just another way of paying for the popes visit.  If the pope wants to visit his parishioners why does he not do it at the churches expense?


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