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Ongoing revelations continue to rock the Roman catholic Church

Paedophile problem

Priests molesting children has rocked the very foundations of the Church.  This age-old problem has its roots in celibacy.  Only Gods knows just how many have indulged in this offensive over the centuries.  What we can say is that this is not a new issue to arise.

Now celibacy was not always commanded by the popes.  In the early centuries Priests could marry and have a family.  Until some crazy pope decided that it was his wish for priests and nuns to be celibate.   This meant those who wished to continue as priests had to give up their families and leave them destitute.  It was a terrible time then but the sexual sins which arose because of this edict have continued to effect this movement.

One report on the Roman Catholic Church has stated:

  • US clerics (priests, deacons, bishops, etc.) accused of abuse from 1950-2002: 4,392. About 4% of the 109,694 serving during those 52 years.
  • Individuals making accusations: 10,667.
  • Victims’ ages: 5.8% under 7; 16% ages 8-10; 50.9% ages 11-14; 27.3% ages 15-17.
  • Victims’ gender: 81% male, 19% female
  • Duration of abuse: Among victims, 38.4% said all incidents occurred within one year; 21.8% said one to two years; 28%, two to four years; 11.8% longer.
  • Victims per priest: 55.7% with one alleged victim; 26.9% with two or three; 13.9% with four to nine; 3.5% with 10 or more (these 149 priests caused 27% of allegations).
  • Abuse locations: 40.9% at priest’s residence; 16.3% in church; 42.8% elsewhere.
  • Known cost to dioceses and religious orders: $572,507,094 (does not include the $85 million Boston settlement and other expenses after research was concluded). (Hartford Courant, 2/27/04)

It should be noted that 30% of all accusations included in these figures were not investigated as they were deemed unsubstantiated (10%) or because the accused priest was dead or inactive (20%). They do not include allegations that were “unfounded” or later recanted.

In any case, all these figures are widely suspected to be grossly underestimated. For example, the late Fr. Tom Economus, former President of the Linkup, a national survivors’ advocacy group, said back in the mid-90s that he knew of “1,400 insurance claims on the books and that the Church has paid out over $1 billion in liability with an estimated $500 million pending.” (Emphasis added.)

He also said that over 800 priests had been removed from ministry and that there might be as many as 5,000 with allegations against them, which is not that far off. He often claimed that by far the most calls he received from all victims of any kind of clergy abuse were those from males who suffered abuse in their youth in the Catholic Church. Certainly the numbers, which show that the highest number of victims were 12 year old boys and that 80% of the abuse was homosexual in nature, validate that anecdotal evidence, too. In fact, while the numbers of young children and girls did not vary much, the report shows an astounding six-fold increase in the abuse of boys aged 11-17 between the 1950s and 70s. And the figures for males stayed high through the 1980s.

Could it be that once the exits were opened by Vatican II, the good priests who could departed to marry, and the maladjusted ones who remained were left to their own devices?

In any case, Fr. Tom Doyle, a canon lawyer with more experience than any in these cases, has raised many questions over the validity and methodology of the study. He has said that he thought many cases were still hidden, pointing out the low numbers for the 1950s.

‘”It’s not over with,” Doyle said. “The heart of the matter is: Why was there this massive betrayal? Why did they move [abusers] around for years, when they knew what they were doing? Why have they continued to re-victimize the victims by stonewalling, and why they have never turned in any of these known pedophiles?”‘(Hartford Courant, 2/26/04)

The pope speaks to his church

. VATICAN CITY—Calling the behavior shameful, sinful, and much more frequent than the Vatican was comfortable with, Pope Benedict XVI vowed this week to bring the widespread pedophilia within the Roman Catholic Church down to a more manageable level.

Addressing thousands gathered at St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday, the pontiff offered his “most humble apologies” to abuse victims, and pledged to reduce the total number of molestation by 60 percent over the next five years.

(That will still leave 40 %.  That is 40 % too many.  But it gets worse)

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” Pope Benedict said. “It seems a weakening of faith in God has prevented our priests from exercising moderation when sexually abusing helpless minors.”

“And let me remind our clergy of the holy vows they all took when they entered the priesthood,” he continued. “They should know that they’re only allowed one small child every other month.”

The pope said he was deeply disappointed to learn that the number of children sexually abused by priests was almost 10 times beyond the allowable limit clearly outlined in church doctrine. Admitting for the first time in public that the overindulging touching of “tender, tender young flesh” had become a full-blown crisis, the Holy Father vowed to implement new reforms to bring the pedophilia rate back down to five children per 1,000 clergy.

( Sorry Five children is still too many)

“The truth is there will always be a little bit of molestation—it’s simply unavoidable,” Vatican spokesperson Rev. Federico Lombardi said. “But the fact that young boys have gotten much more attractive over the past few decades is no excuse for the blatant defiance of church limits that have been in place for centuries.”

“The majority of priests don’t want to molest kids at all,” he added. “But for those who do, we must make sure they’re doing it at a reasonable rate.”

Following the pope’s speech, the Vatican released a statement outlining its plan to reduce pedophilia. Starting next year, specially trained cardinals will make unannounced visits to inspect and observe random churches in order to ensure they are not going beyond diocese-wide molestation caps. The inspector-cardinals will grade each parish based on long, private interviews with altar boys in darkened church basements, and careful observation of priests’ sexual activity.

These senior officials will also have the authority to enforce harsh punishments for any clergy member violating his allotment of pedophilia.

“If a priest goes even one child over the limit, there will be hell to pay,” said Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops Giovanni Battista Re, explaining the Vatican’s new “Three Strikes, You’re Out” rule. “After the third offense, the offending priest will immediately be moved to another parish. This will give officials time to investigate the case, and will act as an effective deterrent since it usually takes months for priests to gain the trust of the new children.”

As a “goodwill measure,” Cardinal Re said all churches will also be required to display a sign next to the altar showing the number of days since the last molestation.

Criticism of the pope’s new plan has already begun to emerge from within the Catholic Church itself. Rev. Walter Moore, a pastor at St. Peter’s in Chicago, questioned the Vatican’s methodology in calculating the molestation rates, saying the church’s inconsistent definition of pedophilia may have skewed the numbers.

“Is it technically pedophilia if the child’s clothes are fully on the entire time? What if he’s asleep when it happens?” Moore said. “It’s time we had some clear guidance from Rome on this issue. For instance, the church counts it as one incident regardless of whether the child is molested multiple times by the same individual or by two priests at once. That’s just plain wrong.”

“Plus, if it’s supposed to be a special secret between the priest and the boy, is it even any of the church’s business in the first place?” he added. “Maybe Brandon is just trying to get attention.”

The Vatican would not release details of the pope’s upcoming world tour, in which he plans to clear up any confusion on the matter by personally demonstrating what constitutes molestation.,17201/

I can hardly contain myself with this news report.  While I generally view the evolutionist Richard Dawkins with a condescending smile.  He tried to whip up support recently to have the Pope arrested as he stepped of his plane.  Now I have to admit I have to agree that the pope should be arrested and thrown in jail.  As the head of a movement which has been exposed for a vast exposure of pedophilia he must take personal responsibility.  Unfortunately even Dawkins must have realised that it was a no-show.  The Vatican is a mini empire and the pope would as head of that empire have diplomatic immunity.  So the pope up and coming visit will include tea with the queen, rather than a prison cell.  The simple fact is that the pope cannot address the issue because it must strike at the popes own stance on celibacy.  If the Catholic Church did away with celibacy they would have to acknowledge that all the previous popes were wrong.  Their judgements brought about this whole sordid mess in the first place.    Until the popes recognise their own immorality on this matter the issue will not go away.  The whole idea of bringing this whole sinful practice “ down to a more manageable level” is unacceptable.  It’s immoral and unjust.  It is an acknowledgement that they will attempt to control it but can’t defeat it.  In reality they never will.  The problem goes straight to the top.  Having dignitaries and national head say a pitiful sorry just does not cut it.  Too late and it’s just not enough.  The Catholic Church has been exposed from one end to another so that even catholic members are shocked by these revelations.  The church that has made priests so necessary for salvation are the very ones who desperately need salvation.  The very priests who dispense forgiveness are the very ones who need it.  These very priests who boast that they make bread turn into Christ’s flesh and then lock him up in a biscuit tin are exposed as sexual predators.  How can these priests lead when they can’t even lead themselves?  How can the church boast of purity when they are led by men who have allowed impurity to run rampant.

Homosexual issue

Recent report have revealed that the catholic church despite its stand against homosexuals has been rocked again by fresh revelation.  This time it is about homosexual priests.

“Vatican on defensive again after magazine exposes priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex.

The Catholic church,already reeling from a string of clerical sex abuse scandals, is facing new embarrassment after an Italian magazine published an investigation into what it termed the double life of gay priests in Rome.

Using hidden cameras, the weekly Panorama, owned by Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, captured priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex.

The Vatican does not condemn homosexuals, but it teaches that gay sex is “intrinsically disordered”. In one of his earliest moves, pope Benedict barred actively gay men from studying for the priesthood.

The diocese of Rome lashed out at the prime minister’s magazine, saying its aim was “to create scandal [and] defame all priests”. But it also urged gay clerics to leave both the closet and the priesthood.

It said, “Consistency would require that they come into the open”, but that they “ought not to have become priests”.

The semi-official papal daily, L’Osservatore Romano, made no reference to the affair. Vatican Radio reported it briefly.

One priest, a Frenchman in his 30s identified as Father Paul, attended a party at which there were two male prostitutes then said Mass the following morning before driving them to the airport, Panorama reported. A photo on its website claimed to show the priest in his dog collar but without his trousers with a gay man who acted as decoy for the magazine. In other shots, priests were shown apparently kissing Panorama’s collaborator.

A member of the clergy quoted by the magazine put the proportion of gay priests in the Italian capital at “98%”. The Rome diocese insisted the vast majority of priests in the city were “models of morality for all”, while adding that the number of gay clergyman was “small, but not to be written off as isolated cases”.

A review eight years ago of research on the American church concluded that between a quarter and a half of seminarians and priests there were homosexual.

A former Italian MP and gay activist, Franco Grillini, said: “If all the gays in the Catholic church were to leave it at once – something we would very much like – they would cause it serious operational problems.”

Another well-known spokesman for the gay community, Aurelio Mancuso, condemned Panorama’s investigation as a “horrible political and cultural operation”, but agreed that if priests in Rome were to follow the advice given to them in yesterday’s statement, it would “paralyse” the diocese.

In March, the pope’s own household was rocked by scandal when court documents revealed a Vatican chorister had procured male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.”

Catholic priest implicated in an IRA bombing.

New revelations have recently been published whereby a Catholic priest was behind the masterminding of a bombing campaign in Ireland

An official investigation has revealed that top government, church and police officials helped protect a priest suspected of masterminding the deadly bombing in a Northern Ireland village in 1972.

Senior officials within the British government, the police and the Catholic Church in Northern Ireland conspired to cover up the involvement of a priest in a 1972 bombing, according to an official report released on Tuesday.

Father James Chesney was the prime suspect in the blast which killed nine people in the village of Claudy, near Londonderry. He was moved to the Republic of Ireland late in 1973, amid fears that his arrest would further inflame sectarian tensions at the time.

The inquiry showed that Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, William Whitelaw, discussed the possibility of transferring the priest outside the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland police in a private meeting with Cardinal William Conway, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Chesney escaped trial and died in 1980, aged 46.

“I accept that 1972 was one of the worst years of the ‘Troubles’ and that the arrest of a priest might well have aggravated the security situation,” said police ombudsman Al Hutchinson, who produced the report. But “the decision failed those who were murdered, injured or bereaved in the bombing.”

So those who are supposed to safe lives may have become the means of taking it.  While this priest was listening to confessions and dispensing forgiveness on Sunday, before the week was out he may have become the means of taking their lives!  Is this insane or not.

The continual cover ups by those who hold authority both within and outside of this cult will inevitable continue.  However I am also confident that God will see to it that the sins once hidden will be exposed.   The truth demands answers and none more so than those who have become the victims of this wretched movement.  Not just the children who have been abused but those who died in the bombing.


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