Human trafficking and the sex industry

Posted: August 8, 2010 in MEDIA WATCH- UK, Social Trends
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British women searching for clerical work got a startling response when they visited a government-run job center: applications for “sex line” jobs that would require them to strip naked on Web cams, according to Sky News Online.

The women, who went to Jobcentre Plus offices in Birmingham, Warwickshire and Shropshire, were told that they could earn up to 700 pounds (a little more than $1,000) a week in the jobs, which also would require them to carry on sexually explicit chats with customers. The recruiting agency, Faceclick, which features pictures of its clients with titles like “fetish” and “just legal 18,”  advises applicants to perform “activities that you feel comfortable with” while nude in front of the camera.

One 19-year old woman told the Birmingham Mail she was surprised that a government agency funded by taxpayers’ money would be recruiting for the sex industry.

“My job in a call center is a fixed-term contract that’s coming to an end and I’ve just taken out a car loan so I’m desperate for work,” she said. “But I’m not so desperate that I’m prepared to perform disgusting acts on an Internet sex line.”

After the job ads were met with outrage, the Department for Work and Pensions began reviewing its procedures. Said a spokesperson: “We are aware of public concern about advertising these vacancies. We have undertaken a public consultation on this issue and we are reviewing existing policy in light of the responses received.”

Mediawatch-UK is calling for the ads to be removed.

A spokesperson for the group, which campaigns for family values in the media, told Sky News Online, “Can you imagine being the parent of an 18-year-old who is sent down to the job center and offered that sort of job? It’s just one step away from prostitution, and it’s hardly a meaningful job for life, is it?”
Sky News contacted the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). A spokeswoman for the DWP said: “We are aware of public concern about advertising these vacancies. We have undertaken a public consultation on this issue and we are reviewing existing policy in light of the responses received.” She added that before 2003, the Jobcentre Plus’s policy was to refuse all job vacancies from the adult entertainment industry. But the policy was challenged in the High Court by Ann Summers, the sex toy and lingerie business, which argued it should be allowed to advertise in Jobcentres. They won their case.



An internet address designed exclusively for pornographic websites was yesterday approved by watchdogs.

Hundreds of thousands of explicit sites are expected to use the ‘.xxx’ address as an alternative to ‘.com’ or ‘’ after its use was officially sanctioned.

Some 110,000 sites have already made reservations to use the suffix, known as a domain, when it is launched in 2011.

But critics said the address will create an ‘online red light district’. They also warned the change would make it easier for children to find indecent material.

Vivienne Pattison, of the pressure group Mediawatch UK, said many porn sites simply ask users to click a button to ‘prove’ they are 18. She called for ‘ meaningful’ protections against child access.

The creation of the domain was approved by the internet watchdog Icann.

ICM Registry, the company behind the .xxx domain, expects to make £20million from selling it to around 500,000 websites.

Founder Stuart Lawley claims to already have 110,000 reservations and could get .xxx up and running within six to nine months after it is approved.

‘I think we could do a million or more. There are several million adult TLDs already out there,’ he said.

Lawley claims the name will make it easy for web-blocking software to filter out ‘.xxx’ sites by requiring them to carry a machine-readable metatag marking them clearly as pornography

‘It will promote more labelled content,’ he said. ‘People who want to find it know where it is and people who don’t see it or want to keep it away from their kids can use mechanisms to do so.’


If you think this was bad read on.

The porn industry is hiring girls to have live sex chats with Apple iPhone 4 owners using  its new video-call feature, it has emerged.

Using the iPhone 4’s Face Time , companies are developing video-sex chat services and are hiring workers through internet adverts in the US.

Many even offer to throw in a free iPhone 4 for the new employees.

FaceTime lets people call another iPhone 4 user and have live video conversations over a Wi-Fi connection through the phone’s camera and screen.

At this point you can guess what the feature are going to be used for.

Now in a growing period of unemployment and social degradation it might only be a matter of time before the job centre turns around and says you can’t refuse a job.  But we have one for you, but it is ex-rated.  What do you do then?  There is NO doubt that wickedness is increasing and with it comes the technology to fit right in there.    Once a person had to physically pop down to his local newspaper shop to buy an ex-rated magazine, then along came internet and the flood games opened up.  Now new technology means you can be sitting at a bus stop riding a bus or even in a busy cue talking to some prostitute on your new video phone.   You don’t even have to be at your computer to watch, now we have the new Apple iPhone 4.  Think about this.  This means where ever you now go you can have the means to view and digest porn 24 seven.  I have no doubt that the paedophiles, the sex stalkers and a whole host of others are already thinking up deviant ideas as to how to use it.

The Bible says that knowledge will increase.  The word literally means to explode.  Knowledge and the technology will experientially quadruple outward.  There is not doubt we have seen this in the last 100 years. What once took ten years to develop, is now taking two or less to develop.

Mans wickedness has increased along with it.   No longer is pornography taking a hold of men, women are also being affected by the new technology.  The moral stance by which a society once stood is quickly being washed away by online filth.  Possibly the greatest issue is just how many Christian pastors have become addicted to online porn.  The ground upon which we stand has become nothing more than a cliff upon which so many have fallen.    This does not spell good news in what is already a sin sick society.

just how sick can a society get.  It was not that far back when slavery was banned in the United Kingdom, shortly threafter many nations followed that example.  Would it shock you to know that slavery still exists in this nation.  Would it shock you to know that sex and the victimisation  of women still goes on.  I am talking about slavery    The statistics say there are more slavery today than any other time in history. where people are bought and sold.  As we have seen in this article.  What was once nothing more than a back street buisness is becoming open acceptable and even advertised.  America they say is even worse.  I am not just talking about women but also children as young as ten.  People sometimes argue why would a God send human beings to hell.  I have to ask why has such a God not already sent  mankind to hell.  We dont see SIN in the way God does.  But heaven help us we must.   Slavery accross the globe has not decreased but increased.

  1. Wow, this is HORRIBLE – I didn’t think this kind of stuff happened in the UK. Crazy world we’re living in, it’s gotta be the end times

    take care


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    wow nice post..very informatif,,,thank you

  3. kexter oboh says:

    this menace is really getting worse

  4. Apple Fan says:

    Your blogs are always about fact and best products winning. Enjoy your blogs and are very informative.

  5. Apple says:

    Nice – I get charged for the app, then the transcribers collect the data and sell it to lead-generation sites.

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