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Posted: July 18, 2010 in Benny Hinn, Suzanne Hinn
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Suzanne Hinn is being represented by Sorrell Trope, a legendary figure in divorce litigation. His previous clients include Cary Grant, Rod Steiger, Nicole Kidman and Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods.

Now from the information at hand Sorrell Trope is in the big league when it comes to divorce.  I suspect Suzanne intends to  take Benny

The transformation of Suzzane Hinn

to the cleaners and back again.  You don’t hire the likes of Sorrell for nothing.    Benny may well be sweating over just how much his wallet is about loose.  In which case Benny will be looking to his Prayer partners to dig  real deep.

Suzanne is now seen as a pastor! the how and why is anyones guess.  However when you are in with the likes of Paula White    Juanita Bynum I suspect she may well be learning from the worst.

Suzanne on her  website  “Purifying Fire International’s Ministries”

  • Our vision is to minister God’s love to the widows, the orphans and the poor in a practical, as well as spiritual way, and to raise up an Army of Intercessors with 24/7 “Houses of Prayer” around the Nation. We minister and equip the youth with practical and spiritual ways of growth because they are the next generation that God is raising up.
  • PFI recently purchased a living room set for a single mother who did not have furniture for her and her small child. Thank you for your donations that helped in a spiritual, as well as practical way. The mother was overwhelmed and overtaken with tears of gratitude.
  • Minister God’s love to the widows, the orphans and the poor in a practical, as well as spiritual way, and to raise up an Army of Intercessors with 24/7 “Houses of Prayer” around the Nation. We minister and equip the youth with practical and spiritual ways of growth because they are the next generation that God is raising up
  • PFI has given a donation into Haiti to help out in the devastation of the earthquake. We are planning another donation soon. We are giving to a trustworthy ministry in Haiti that Pastor Suzanne knows personally. They have doubled in attendance to their church.
  • Pastor Suzanne and PFI are planning a trip sometime to Haiti later this year to serve the people and donations towards Haiti Mission Trip would be most appreciated.
  • This is just in the making but Pastor Suzanne has been to Haiti before in the early 90″s with a group of 40 women and she went into the rural areas. She has a desire again to take a group, this is her passion in Christ. Thank you kindly for your prayers and intercession.
  • God bless you all and thanks for all you have done in supporting Purifying Fire International all your precious donations are valued and appreciated.

I hope that Suzanne seeks to go through with her commitments unlike Benny who would advertise for donations to set  up  orphanages which then never materialised.

  1. MargieinOz says:

    Benny seems to have already started asking for money. This is copied from BHs website.
    If Benny would just plant his best seed into my account I’m sure his god will bless him 100 fold?!

    A Message from Pastor Benny’s Heart to Yours…My most precious partner and co-laborer in the Gospel,

    I’m writing this to you from the depth of my heart to say thank you for all you have done for our precious Jesus, whom we love with all of our being.

    I feel deeply in my spirit from the Lord to write this to you, for as you know, my commitment to preach the Gospel is for life. And you have stood with me through thick and thin over the years. For that I thank you with all my heart.

    I know the Lord of glory will reward you Himself again and again for your love toward Him.

    I’m coming to you today with an urgent need.

    As you know, I come to you only if I feel the urgent necessity.

    I’m facing a deficit of $2 million right now that has accumulated in the last few months—first, because of the economy, and second, because I have continued to travel to the world preaching the Gospel.

    The offerings from some of those crusades did not cover the expenses. I had hoped and prayed that the need would have been met without my coming to you, but as I have learned over the years, if I don’t come to you and tell you the facts, there will be no way for you to find out.

    I know $2 million sounds like a large number, but it really isn’t if we all do our part. Then it can be taken care of easily and quickly.

    Being summertime makes thing tougher. Our vendors are asking for their money. They have been very kind in helping us and standing with us, but the time has come for this deficit to be taken care of so that I can go on preaching the Gospel without pressure.

    My precious father in the spirit, Oral Roberts, told me years ago, that raising money for the work of the Lord will always be my number one challenge. He was right.

    Yet I know that the Lord we serve will do again what He has done many times. He will take care of this need so that His name might continue to be proclaimed to the nations.

    And so I ask you today, as my dearest partner and co-laborer, to stand with me again.

    I ask you to sow the best seed you can, as quickly as you can, so that we might see lost souls saved and continue to see them saved, healed, and delivered for years to come!

    I ask you to give today so the Lord’s name will be glorified throughout the earth. Any amount you give is appreciated more than you know.

    Remember this blessed promise of Scripture: “God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8).

    As you sow your seed today for His glory, you are declaring your love for the name of Jesus in a loud and tangible way.

    Please do not put it off, as the need is now and urgent!

    Thank you so much for your love and for showing your generosity and unending kindness for the work of the Lord.

    May Jesus, the Son of God, who has called us to serve Him and to serve together, bless you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. May He reward you over and over for your faithfulness, and may He cover you with His presence as a mantle of power and glory.

    And may He cover you with His presence and His power and keep you protected with His mantle of love for the rest of your life.

    I pray from the depth of my being that He will meet every need in your life and give you “peace that passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7).

    With much love and eternal gratitude,

    Benny Hinn


    James do you have any information as to the future of ETWP or Miriam’s condition. I am sure so many of us are wondering.

  2. MargieinOz says:

    James can you tell me where I should post my testimony of why I no longer “do church”. Your site and many other discernment sites are where I am able to get good biblical teaching and fellowship now. Steve Lumbley ofApostasy Watch is another great site with audio teaching which I download onto an MP3 and listen as I travel to my daughter who live 500ks away. Great travelling companions. Bless you, Margie

  3. I have sent her an e-mail on FB. We are connected as friends so I hope she will make contact soon. My e-mail was to encourage her and let her know that she is missed. I started a new page. For anyone to leave their testemony. With all the setting up I fogot. We all have a voice and its time to use it. I hope Mirriam does get beck to blogging, I know she is missed.

  4. Pastor Tsegaye Girma says:

    Dear Suzanne Hinn! Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus christ. I’m pastor Tsegaye Girma from Ethiopia (east africa). I have a massege for you from God. Please come back to your husband, it is not a God’s will to divorce from your husband pastor Benny hinn. If you are not a volunteery to obey to God’s commandements,I’m see a panshiment of GOD upon you. Please Mom,turn back to your peace & joy. May you will see it in your turning back. Your partner in christ, pastor Tsegaye.

  5. melody bickley says:

    Dear Suzanne, You look great in your recent picture. You are a precious woman of God and a great friend… I pray for your peace and joy and future happiness…. You deserve the best.. The Lord will take care of you. All of this other stuff is no one’s business, people need to look in the mirror and correct themselves and stop snooping into your business.. love you, melody

  6. Abraham T. Mathai says:

    Dear Suzanne:
    I do appreciate your desire to stand for the poor and needy as well as orphans and widows.

    With prayers…..Brother Abraham/India.

  7. oyaro says:

    Grace ,mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our lord be with you a Richard my dear
    I am by the grace of God His servant and worker from Kenya, me and my wife who is really assisting me and supporting me in all ways while out in mission for Jesus are working for the Lord and looking after the flock that the Lord has given to us.
    I ought always to thank God for you brethren for the wonderful work you are doing for the .Lord.I am highly encouraged and blessed for i have got the privilege to know, see, learn, and read the precious work you are doing for the Lord, I am hereby requesting for affiliation as we work together in building God’s kingdom
    Remain blessed as i wait to hear from you as you are able
    yours pastor oyaro +254729926396

  8. arianao says:

    I thank God 4 everything.just wonna say that everyone shud follow God’s word plainly en simply.when God says He hates divorce then dont do it.stick it out in the marriage even if ur in a roasting oven.then trust Him 2 put out the many more yrs do u think u got here on earth?gud deeds wont wash away ur sins en the blemish u’v smeared on ur wedding gown.only true repentance en a turn around en a will 2 do the right thing.i wont be surprised if u don make it 2 heaven.its not bout gud deeds,its bout righteousnez… repent sue en benny hinn.we hav all fallen short of the glory of God,its just a matter of humility en the knwldge that ur just mortal men.take care.

  9. Bhagu says:

    Dear Sister Suzanne, It is not God’s will for you to separate from your husband.You are wedded by God’s law or word to him.And you know you need to be obedient to the word of God coz if you break it you transgress.But if you continue in your desire to divorce him,you will be setting a precedent for more christian women to follow suit and above this, giving legal right for a curse of divorce to operate in your childrens life.Therefore I beseech you,for the sake of your children and God’s word,please be reconciled to your husband.You are called to be a proverbs 31 woman, so be one and set an example to others as being obedient to God’s word.God revealed to me that you desire to preach,but God’s will for you for now is to be a wife to your husband and a mother to your children.Please heed to the will of God! Go back to your husband and submit to God’s will which is best for you.A season will come when God will release you to preach with a fresh anointing so that your desire may be fulfilled.
    On the other hand,if you persist in your will to go ahead with the divorce, you will demonstrate your rebellion and attitude towards God and your own children.And what will you preach? “How to divorce your faithful husband and bring curse in your childrens life? Or how to mock God and rebel against Him?” Even your good works will be like filthy rags. Mark my words.If you preach you will be an embarassment to the Pastor who gave you the pulpit and to yourself.PLEASE, Go back to your husband and prove to the gentiles and to the christian world that you are a Pro 31 woman.May Lord Jesus give you the wisdom to do what is right in His eyes!Amen.

  10. Doris says:

    Suzanne, we have prayed and know it is God’s will for you to reconcile with your husband pastor Benny. Not out of sympathy or anything but for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Please hear us.God bless

  11. Lisa Bagby says:

    To All of you saying you’ve prayed to God and he’s told you she is supposed to go back to her husband: you seem self-righteous. A woman who had years to pray about her situation and hear God and follow through with it should not be subjected to you all. Remember all God’s promises have stipulations: if you do this, you will have all my promises….Even for God, when people (King David), or nations (Israel) don’t keep God’s commandments/statutes, God does not fulfill His promises to them. So any covenant we make with people can morally follow that same precept. NONE of us knows what happened in there marriage, so stay out of it.

  12. Ort says:

    Benny hint is a liar, a fraud, a deceiver, a wolf in sheeps clothing and unless he repents and truly becomes saved and born again, the lake of fire will be his home for eternity.

    He is a false prophet, greedy, a huckster and shill for Satan. Money is his god amd for those that can’t see that, you only have yourselves to blame because you did not put on the whole Armor of God. If you faithfully study the Word no man can deceive you. If you are ignorant of the Word of God, you are a target plain and simple.


    i watch this is your day today june 12 2012 and i have a promblem with bennt, he tell his wief to say something and when she open her mouth he jumps in and i think that is no respect to her he still has a long wat to go in my book and promley every one else. he needs to listen and shut up. wisdom talking from me to him amen. with love .

  14. Nigel says:

    Hello my name is Nigel, I’m a 16 year old youth attending high school. Joseph prince is preaching a false doctrine! “Once saved always saved’ is a subtle twist by false teachers. It is a doctrine of deception. According to them ‘saved’ is a status that inherits heaven. Once we got it we will not lose it no matter what we do. That is, even if a saved man rapes and kills a girl, surely he will go to heaven while the unsaved victim goes to hell. It is ridiculous before the holy God”. Joseph Prince is preaching “Once saved always saved” he says “Free will of choice is not that powerful” and about the sinner and the righteous that, “Even though Satan is the master, the warden of this prison of sin, all right, by renouncing Satan with his free choice, Satan is still there. By renouncing his sinner ship, he’s still a sinner. If what the first Adam did is so powerful, the free choice cannot change the position of a sinner. What makes you think for one moment that once you are a believer and you have been made righteous in a prison of righteousness, that in a moment of pressure, whatever, you renounce Jesus? Oh, straightaway God says too bad. You are now in the prison of sin again. When last time, in the prison of sin, you renounced Satan. Satan is still the warden. You renounce your sinner ship; you’re a still a sinner.”

    Joseph Prince is using deceptive words; a sinner can renounce his sinner hood by coming to Jesus Christ, and God DOES NOT PUT YOU INTO A PRISON! You have the free choice to choose Him or not. EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COME TO HIM AND CHOSE TO TURN BACK INTO THE WORLD!
    That means if someone became an honest Christian and had his name written in the Lambs Book of Life, even if he turns away from God, raped and murdered many little children (because not everyone sins with others willing to sin with them) and had his own holocaust like Adolph Hitler, before committing suicide, he would be in Heaven and those unsaved men, women and children He killed would be in Hell!
    (and you can’t say that “well a true Christian wouldn’t do that” because many who have already come to Christ have turned away and have done many wrong things, denying, and blaspheming God along the way, and are suffering in Hell for it) This false Gospel inspired by Satan will bring many down to Hell! Because not everyone will say “since I’m always saved, I may as well live like it”

  15. Ginna says:

    I feel so sorry for all the people Benny Hinn has duped. I also feel sorry for his soul. May God have mercy.

  16. benny hinn, this lieing,,,God told him to beg money from you,,,gullible sheeple! for the truth

  17. Do you mind if I cite a few of your posts so long as I give credit and
    sources back to My blog is on the exact
    same subject as your own and my readers could
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  18. We are all flesh, and the flesh will war against the sprite until we die, JESUS says so, and what JESUS say’s is TRUE!

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