China Crisis

Posted: June 22, 2010 in End times, Islam, Social Trends
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China which once boasted of being the highest population in the world has recently discovered a demographic time bomb ticking in their midst.  The communist government in trying to tackle its growing overpopulation legislated that every family should have only one child.  As boys are considered more valuable , girls were often aborted.

But by playing God they now discovered that Men will outnumber women.  But even worse China has discovered that their aged population will soon outnumber the younger population.  So in trying to solve one problem at the younger end they have managed to create another at the older end.  It is reckoned that in fifty years something like 20-30 of their population will be elderly.  The question then is what do they do with such an elderly Population?  Will there be a new program of elderly suicides or forced euthanasia?  In one report an aged couple has a son.  He is a taxi driver who works long hours.  He tries when he can to visit his aged parents.  In time his child when he grows up might have to look after two sets of aged parents.  So that the old will vastly outnumber the young.

Jane Macartney in Beijing

China will be short of 30 million brides within 15 years, according to an official report into the country’s burgeoning population. About one in every ten men aged between 20 and 45 – equivalent to almost the population of Canada – will be unable to find a wife, it has projected.

The findings, from the State Population and Family Planning Commission, outline bleak prospects not only for bachelors. The report says that the inevitable gender imbalance could result in social instability – a threat that the ruling Communist Party regards as the greatest risk to its grip on power.

It is nearly three decades since China’s rulers implemented a strict “one-couple, one-child” family planning policy. It replaced Chairman Mao’s focus on a high birth rate, which had been intended to ensure that China could fend off enemies with human-wave warfare. The unintended consequences of this draconian birth control have become increasingly pronounced.

China’s population is forecast to peak at 1.5 billion in 2033. That growth, coupled with consequent demographic imbalances, will threaten social stability, the economy, the environment and jobs. By 2020, the report says, the number of men of marriageable age will outnumber women by 30 million. “The resulting confusion in the social order will become a serious hidden problem influencing social stability.”

One effect of China’s strict population control has been a jump in gender selection of babies. Traditional preferences for a son mean that more and more women abort their baby if an early-term ultrasound examination shows it is a girl. Officials deny that the gender imbalance is a result of the family planning policy. It is illegal for doctors to tell parents the results of an ultrasound test without a medical reason, though many do so. As a result, abortions of female foetuses are widespread, especially in rural areas, as parents try to ensure that the one child they are allowed is a boy.

China’s gender ratio for newborn babies in 2005 was 118 boys to 100 girls, an increase from 110 to 100 in 2000. In some regions, such as the southern provinces of Guangdong and Hainan, the sex ratio has ballooned to 130 boys to 100 girls. That compares with an average for industrialised countries of between 104 and 107 boys for every 100 girls.

Tradition favours boys over girls because men are seen as the main family breadwinner and in China only a son can carry on the family line. Daughters are expected to leave the home and marry “outside”, becoming members of their husband’s family. Anxious government officials have started a countryside campaign, painting enormous slogans on the walls of village houses, exhorting parents to value their daughters. “Having a daughter is as good as having a son.”

The population report said: “We need to develop a ’movement to embrace girls’. . . and effectively contain the trend towards greater gender imbalances.”

Chinese officials have given no clues as to how they plan to find wives for the battalions of bachelors now growing up in Chinese schools. Kidnapping of baby girls is becoming increasingly common, as families seek a future bride for their only sons. Trade in women is also a problem in many rural areas where poor farmers are unable to attract a bride.

The government is not yet ready to loosen its birth control policies and demonstrates pride in its achievement of preventing 400 million births through its one-child policy. Instead, authorities are taking steps to curb the adoption of babies – almost all girls – by foreigners to ensure they grow up in China.

The number of people of working age – between 15 and 64 – will increase from 860 million in 2000 to 1.01 billion in 2016, according to the report. That is more than the total in all the world’s developed nations In the next 20 years, up to 300 million people will leave their farms and descend on towns and cities to live and work. The report said: “Our country is currently experiencing the largest human movement and migration in history.”

China is having to cope with becoming the world’s first country to grow old before it grows rich. The number of people over 60 will jump from the current 143 million to 430 million by 2040.

As reported by Sunday times newspaper.

What is also interesting is that with the increase of human traffic of girls from the former Russian colonies into the sex industry.  It is well within the possibility that many will find their way to China especially if there are oriental in looks.  Even if the Chinese government changes it policy today the damage has already been done.  The demographic time bomb is already on their door steps.    This will have consequences not just for China, but it will have far reaching consequences across the world.

Couple this with the huge demographic explosion of abortions across the world.  Man is literally killing its future without even realising it. Could it be that what we are seeing in China is simply a microcosm of what is really going on in the world.

In fact the only ethnic group that is having more children than even the European nations are Moslems.  In a few years time Moslem families will outnumber the origional population of Europe.

That is a frightening thought.

By the time anyone puts the pieces together will it be too late.


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