NTEB: The Truth of the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Acts17Apologetics, End times, false teachers, Islam, Persecuted, Videos included
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Very interesting video to watch.

Muslims are building mosque’s all across America and Europe at a frightening pace, but the question is why? This video tell you, from the Muslim perspective, why this is being done and the ultimate goal.


    Apparently there are plans to build more mosques in New York. Local protests and anti Jihad activist have come out in force. As one local community activist reports “ This is about radical Islamism wanting to colonize the world. They pretend to be tolerant, they pretend to be loving but they aren’t. It’s just starting to come bubbling up to the surface”

    One of the proposed sites for establishing a mosque is on Staten Island. The building in question is the former Roman Catholic convent of St Margaret. The Local priest wanted to sell the property to the Moslems for a community centre and prayer hall. However this idea was met by overwhelming opposition. What is strange is that Staten Island already has five mosques. No final decision has been made on the sale of the convent as yet.

    However this idea of Moslems buying up property once owned by the church is not unique to New York. When a local church in Newcastle England decided to build themselves a new building, the Leadership decided to sell their old property to the Moslems. The pastor who sold the property was heavily criticized by many within his church. Many saw it as a sell out and a betrayal of the faith. There is no doubt that money played a large part in the decision.

    In fact the number of church halls who have been taken over in general by Moslems and other business has been quite substantial. Thankfully not all have become Mosques.
    While Moslems claim to be peaceful and willing to work alongside other faiths, we know that when they are in the majority true religious freedom is often squashed. Moslem Law is then extends even upon those who are not of their faith.

    New Yorkers continue to be divided on this issue. Some trust the Moslems while others don’t

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