Big Brother 2010: Welsh minister aims to win final show

Posted: June 10, 2010 in David Vaughan, Drunkeness, End times, false teachers, Holy Spirit, Manipulating people
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What is Big Brother?

Well this is were a bunch of people move into a TV studio house and live there for a period of time.  People can turn on their TV sets and watch them live on TV.  Over a period of time each contestant is voted off and the final contestant left is the winner.  Being a TV reality Show the cameras watch them day and night.  Why this is so exciting I can hardly wait.  Yawn!!!

Apparently this time round the Big brother show is in its final show.  Phew thanks goodness for that.  Ratings are down on channel 4 so they expect to axe it after this series.  Why bother wasting the money AXE IT NOW and do everyone a favour.

Of the contestant hoping to grace our screens is

David Vaughan

a notorious character who tries to pass himself of as a minister.  I know this is a laugh!  I personally hope he does not get passed the selection committee.   Mind you he also tries to pass himself of as a monk.  So anything goes with David.

We are informed that David is a big believer in UFOs, hardly the qualifications for a minister.  He also tries to levitate.  I use the word “TRIES”.  He dislikes anything that might harm his “Ministerial integrity”.  Well he is a bit too late with that statement.  Next!

He also believes he has visited the sun.  Is that of the same shelf that produced Benny Hinn statement that Adam could fly to the moon?  Does that mean Benny and David  have a common interest?  Maybe they both should take a trip together say to the outer edge of the galaxy.

David Vaughan is the organiser of what has become known as the Sloshfest.  This is were people come to some abandoned warehouse.  Dance around to some loud music, do daft things, claim to get spiritually drunk and all fall down.

Tokin and smoking Baby Jesus

The main heresy he teaches is that one can tokin the Holy Spirit.  Tokin a slang word uses to smoke weed.  Get spiritually drunk and generally get wacked out in the Holy Spirit.  His drinking pal John Crowder who believes you can actually inject God like to addict.  Now the term new mystics are what these men would be called, except there is nothing new about what they do.  The word BLASHPEMY quickly comes to mind.  As the Holy Spirit is a person and not an abused substance to be smoke or injected.

The fact he may get on TV to be seen by a nation maybe sums up just how low TV reality shows have become.  While I cannot speak about the rest of the residence who will be entering the Big brother house, I have no doubt that with David they are scraping the gutters.

In a recent Sloshfest  carnival David Vaughan and John Crowder were interviewed

David had this to say as he acted drunk.

  • “This behaviour and message is bringing liberation to a world that doesn’t want Christianity as it has been.  “People are looking for something relevant to them. If you like to party, drink and take drugs, our advice is, ‘Don’t drink Vodka, drink God-ka’. “There is no greater high than the Most High. When you come into God’s presence there is an intoxication that is overwhelming.
  • “It is filled with life and brings you to another level of joy unspeakable, liberating you from fears and inhibitions you find in the world. It is a blissful sense of liberty.
  • “This isn’t offensive to the Lord, but it is to the religious folk who attend a dead organisation.   Heaven is going to be wild. God will show up and be the life of the party. We want to see fun coming back into the Church.”

David is a former alchaholic and drug addict who often slurs through sermons about “smoking the Baby Jesus”, being “whacked out” and “tokin’ on the Holy Ghost”.

In my opinion he is simply exchanging one bad habit for even greater bad habit.

He is still an addict.

  • · Vaughan  goes on to say” I tried to do a lot of things in the past and bore little fruit.  I don’t do anything anymore except to get absolutely wacked out, blissed out on Jesus.  Been like this for a few years.  I find the less we do and the more intoxicated we become the more fruit is found to be released into the body of Christ. Recently we have seen this trancelike glory released, It isn’t a new phenomena. It is recorded in scripture Peter and Paul talk about the EKSTASIS realm where they went into in the book of acts.  When they were in that trancelike glory.  Visionary thing that brought alignment in the body of Christ. Early mystics talk a lot about trances and visions…….”

It was fairly obvious that they were not as drunk as they pretended to be and the acting was certainly on the same par as the local slag shows they watch.


The trouble is God does not bring drunkenness in any form or fashion.  God cannot command us to abstain from drunkenness and then excuse it by making people drunk.

The word for sober is 1) to be sober, to be calm and collected in spirit 2) to be temperate, dispassionate, and circumspect.  Signifies “to be free from the influence of intoxicants;” in the NT, metaphorically, That is not just alcohol but anything that would produce the same effects.  The scripture clearly shows why we are to be sober and vigilant.  As one lady testified at this carnival at one time she used to get offended, but not anymore.  That is the result when you reject Gods warning and exhortation you get eaten up by the devil and deceived.

Remember that the contestant who avoids being evicted from the BIG BROTHER house gets to win a large cash prize.  So was it money that persuaded David Vaughan to enter the competition, or the notoriety of being live on TV?   I just hope this blasphemer gets the boot earlier rather then later.  For me I will not be watching!

  1. BIG Brother David saved himself from eviction today – then put Rachael up for the boot, prompting her to burst into tears.

    The Welsh bible-basher dodged the public vote by winning a task this morning, completing an assault course dressed as a mouse.

    After being asked to choose a replacement he apologised, adding “man, this sucks”.

    Then, as he opted for Beyonce look a like Rachael, she immediately started crying.

    Squatter Shabby, who is also up for eviction shouted “no” when she heard his choice.

    Rachael whimpered “It’s alright I knew it would be me, I knew it would. I’m sorry for crying. I knew he’d pick me.”

    Big Brother had earlier called the housemates to the sofas at around 10.45am after giving them a lie-in. They gathered bleary-eyed, some in towels and some straight from bed, wondering if they were about to be told off for rule-breaking.

    They were told David, Sunshine and Shabby were nominated and one would be evicted on Friday.

    But Big Brother said the task winner would be saved and could choose someone else to take their place.

    The three nominees were dressed in mouse costumes and asked to complete the “hickory dickory dock” assault course task, carrying pieces of cheese-shaped sponge.

    David completed the course in the fastest time but Shabby later moaned that show bosses wanted her out and had designed the task to allow David to win.

    She said: “Big Brother actually hates me.
    “I’m one of the villains of this show.

    Shabby has also predicted that she will lose the vote on Friday. She told Rachael: “I’m going on Friday because she (Sunshine) is nice and boring, and you shouldn’t be up.”

    The issue I have with BIG BROTHER is that it pits people against one and other and the public watch every minute of it. I do not believe any Christian should be compelled to have any part of this so called reality game show. But then I do not believe David Vaughan is a Christian.

    • 1 Tim 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

    Apparently some of the house guests were discussing at the breakfast table what deals they will make after they leave the show. So what reasons do people have to enter this reality game show? Record deals, money, popularity, and fame. You know what my vote would be? Give it to the man with No legs who lost them in service for his country. Toss the rest out the door.

  2. Deceptive Wine from Lakeland (Video from youtube)

    The Lie of the new fresh wine…

    David says “Little fat friars who go around with us and he is libation angels. Sometimes they come and whack you up. Little fat short stumpy fat friars. loads of barrels of wine and glory they carry with them. They come in and one hit you are whack you up for ages….tried thinking and it did not work.”

    Even though he acts drunk he can still advertise his Sloshfest conference. YEAH!!!

    So this is why he dresses up as a monk. Because he thinks he is also a “libation” angel? It has been said that people who are demonise will begin to manifest something of the spirit they have been possessed by. In this case we now know why he dresses up as a monk.

    “Wine sign or the Godka If you drink enough you become a wine cellar. “ Personally and without doubt David is possessed to the toe nails. Totally deceived and going on to deceive others.


    This is Gods commandment. What is there about this verse David and friends can’t understand.

    This verse does not advertise drunkenness but commands soberness. David is directly disobeying scripture. Mocking it and giving himself over to his demon. David is not saved and if he was he would certainly be grieving God. Stay clear

    Thanks to U from ETPW for bringing this video to light.

  3. I have to admit that I have watched a couple of minutes of the Big brother house just to see if our favourite mystic has been bounced out yet. I just can’t understand the attraction of the program. It seems that they stick a whole bunch of people together who after a few weeks together begin to come apart and regress to childhood.

    David Vaughan seems to be a none entity for the most part, unlike some who shed tears and whine about one another. I have seen no reports as yet of Dave doing his glory drunken act. In fact he seems somewhat sober and quite reserved.

    I can only believe that eventually when this horrible show is over that there is some good counselling is available to help the unfortunates survive the ordeal.

    I have noticed that Dave is not beyond sharing his bath or the pool with other ladies in the house. Well one particular lady who seems to be the favourite among the men. Naturally swim suits are donned by all. The one think that is begining to nag at the contestants is have they said and done anything that will be seen by the outside world. Dave may well have something to worry about!

    I have to serious questions regarding the privacy issue,Such as communal showers , bathroom and bedroom facilities. You can never tell at times who is sleeping in whose bed.

    People actually call this entertainment! I don’t see the attraction.

  4. Well its over. Dave fails to win the Big brother show. Coming in second to the only remaining lady.

    Big brother results:

    Josie Gibson! “She is the champion my friends, winning Big Brother 11 with a massive 77.5% of the vote. ”

    Dave has just finished second in Big Brother 11 and has been evicted from the House. His fate was decided with 9.1% of the public vote.

    While I have to admit I have never watch any of the past Big brother shows. I did briefly watched a couple of the extacts of this series. The fact that this miserable show had TV cameras in the toilets staggered me the least. No privacy even here? Dave apparantly was treated to a special waxing where underarm hair was removed. Yeah!!

    For anyone would call this public viewing has to begger the question WHY? While I have thankfully missed the majority of the series. From what I did see was a bunch of adults almost descending back into infancy. At one point the wives of Dave and Steve (a disabled individual) were invited to high tea. While their husbands were forced to look on. I did not watch to see if the husbands were allowed a few moments with their wives away from the cameras or not. But as intertainment goes it was a sickening sight. The wise ones quickly got out and left early.

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