‘Israel is a Lunatic State’ – Finkelstein on Gaza Flotilla Attack

Posted: June 5, 2010 in End times, Israel, Persecuted, Social Trends, Videos included
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Finkelstein is a Jewish American scholar who speaks up about the terrible tragedies that exist.  In fact he is so vocal he has been banned from Israel.

  1. The question before us: Was the flotilla ship in international waters. If the answer is yes then it was indeed a modern day act of piracy. The fact that there was video showing that there were some there who were armed with sling shots and bars is irrelevant. It was not they who were boarding the Israeli ships. But Israeli pirates who were boarding the flotilla ship. Sling shots and iron bars prove little against automatic weapons. In fact the one video that is offered as proof that the Flotilla crew were armed. Also shows those who were being filmed ducking from gun fire. This is long before Israel troops stormed the ship. I was also noticed that many were armed with cameras and not weapon. No other country would accept one of their ships being attacked in this way in international waters. I believe Finkelstein is correct that the Israeli government has gone too far. When any government feels it can break international law when ever it feels like, that government becomes a danger to itself let alone the world

    We can only hope that the whole issue of humanitarian supplies to Gaza is resolved.

  2. Noam Chomsky denied ‘entry’ into Israel?!

    When the Israeli government stop its own people from going into their own country. What is happening?

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