The Hope for THE BIKER and the hope for you and me

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Church, salvation, Social Trends

As a minister I had the opportunity to be involved with a Christian Motorcycle club a few years ago.  It was a very interesting time.  Many of the Bikers would have ordinary jobs during the week, anything from lorry delivery men to factory workers.  Sadly I also found there were many who were ex church goers who had become deluded by the church.  For the most part they were an interesting bunch.  Some bike rallies could be very family orientated.  However from a Christian point they were also very ungodly at times.  Many were more of an excuse for drinking and smoking the weed.   Those bike clubs could be said to be to be the ordinary motorcycle clubs.  Now there are the other bike clubs who see themselves as the professional clubs.  The type you do not mess about with.  The most common I suppose is the Hell Angels and the outlaws.  But there are as many who have chapters not just across America b ut also the world.    Now we will look at an interesting revision of the psalm 23 which shows just how they relate to the Bible.  The club in question is called the sons of silence MC.  This is one of those you don’t mess about with.

Background report by

The Sons of Silence’s logo is an American Eagle superimposed over the letter “A” (similar to, and taken from, the Budweiser logo) flying under an arch and their motto is “donec mors non separat “, Latin  for “until death separates us. The logo is embroidered onto the back of all members’ jackets or vests. Nazi or  White Supremacist patches are also common with members

For the motorbiker hitting the road means freedom. But for the christian the road is the way to God

To The Forever Chapter.

In Memory of My Brothers

Gone But Never Forgotten.

Harley-Davidson Is My Shepherd,

I Shall Always Have.

It Maketh Me Ride On Dark Highways.

It Restoreth My Soul.

It Taketh Me On The Path Of

Righteousness For My Own Sake.

Yea Thought I Ride Through The Valley Of

Rats, Feds And Prison, I Shall Fear

No Evil For My Brothers Are With Me.

Their Knife And Gun Protect Me.

They Will Kill If Necessary.

They Preparest A Full Membership

In The Presence Of My Enemies.

They Fill My Tank With Gas.

My Tank Runneth Over. Surely Troubles

And Jail Shall Follow Me All The

Days Of My Life For I Shall Dwell In

The Clubhouse Of

The Sons Of Silence M.C. Forever.

No Biker Shall Inherit The

Kindom Of Heaven.

They Shall Continue To Ride

For*******’ Ever and Ever.


J.W. To The Core & More… November 2006

I think many will notice that this is a reinvention of Psalms 23. For the Christian the 23 Psalm has become one of the most comforting psalms in the Bible. For the biker world the Club becomes their family and its members their brothers.  It is interesting that the poem relates that no biker shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.  Here is mans clear rejection of a hope that is beyond their understanding to comprehend.  Rebellion and lawlessness marks their life and this is how they hope to go out.    The Christian obedience and righteousness should mark our lives, and this is how we intend to go out.  For them jail is not a place to fear because they might have brothers who are also locked up, but they do not realise that there is something of infinite darkness which lies beyond this life.  A place to fear and all the brashness will not take away such a place of eternal despair.  The poem says they will fear no evil, well not in this life but in the life to come.  Oh yes they will.  Will they continue to ride for ever?  Sadly only in their imagination for it is appointed unto all men to die and after that the judgement.  The Bible says only those who know the leading of the true shepherd can walk through the darkness, thought the valley of death and into the sunlight beyond.

The Psalm 23 is reminiscent of the deep ravines that potted about in the Middle East.  Which shepherds had to take their sheep through to get to green pastures?   This was a dangerous walk as among the cracks were a host of scavengers who would like nothing better than a sheep or two.  Sometimes as Christians we walk some strange paths with God.  Some dark places present challenges, but we are never without hope for the good shepherd’s walks before us.  For the sons of silence they have to depend on the knife and gun.  But the Christian has something better we have the creator and God of the whole earth to be with us.  The 23 psalm never speaks about the need for guns and knife for we have a greater hope even in the face of death.  Our comfort is that goodness and mercy shall follow me.  No greater blessing could accompany the Christian in this life.  We have the assurance that when we walk out into the darkness we will have a place in the light and in the house of God.

There is something solid to stand upon and each and every promise of God becomes a solid rock.  In times of fear doubt uncertainty, in pain and sorrow we have a comforter.  One day we will look back and laugh because we will realise that even in the darkest times there was the shepherd looking after us.    For the Biker there is something beyond the gun and the knife.  Something beyond the prison cell.  Something beyond the grave.  Something beyond the loss of a life.  Something beyond the pain and the darkness.  Something that will surround your soul with a blanket of comfort.  In the night there is the reassurance and peace you are not alone.  The welcoming knowledge your sins which may be black can be forgiven.  You can stand as clean and white as snow.  Death is not the end of the walk it is only the veil through which we pass.   Greater still we have full membership into the family of God now and forevermore.  That is going to be one reunion and one welcoming bash.

Will we see you there ?

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