The gun killing crazies is this a demonic trend?

Posted: June 2, 2010 in End times, Manipulating people, Social Trends
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Gunman kills 12 people in Cumbria rampage

Twelve people have been killed by a gunman who went on the rampage across Cumbria in north-west England. Taxi driver Derrick Bird shot dead a colleague in the town of Whitehaven before driving through the countryside apparently targeting people at random. Twenty-five others have been injured, three critically. Police say they are dealing with 30 separate crime scenes. Mr Bird’s body was found in a wooded area in Boot in the Lake District and two weapons have been recovered. Stuart Hyde, Cumbria Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, said: “We are still at a very early stage in our investigation and we are not able to really understand the motivation behind it – or establish whether this was a premeditated or random attack.

The Whitehaven victim, believed to be a colleague of Mr Bird, was killed at 1035 BST. A local taxi firm boss, Glenda Pears, said: “We just don’t know what’s happened. “The lad that’s been killed was friends with him. They used to stand together having a craic (joke) on the rank.

“He was friends with everybody and used to stand and joke on Duke Street.”

Sue Matthews, a telephonist at A2B Taxis in Whitehaven, said the Mr Bird was self-employed and lived alone. She described him as a “quiet fellow”.

A special programme about the Cumbria shootings is being shown at on BBC1 at 1930 BST. “This is not in character with the Derrick Bird we know “Michelle Haigh Local pub landlady

Our thoughts must go out to those who were injured and the grieving relatives.  I pray that God will help all who are involved at this time.

Ecc 2:20 “Therefore I went about to cause my heart to despair of all the labour which I took under the sun.”

Mat 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

This verse certainly sums up a lot of what we are going to be looking at.

There does not appear to be any reason why this taxi driver would load two guns and go on a shooting spree and then shoot himself.  While I have no doubt that the police will put forward some suggestions regarding the reasons for Mr Birds shooting spree.  However I would like to put forward that there is a bigger issue at large.   The growing tendency over the last few years has seen what has happen in Cumbria to be repeated on a number of occasions.  It usually goes like this.

Someone with a loaded gun or guns walks into a shop, school or a crowded place.  They then begin to unload their weapon upon all those present.   Then after they have finished with their brutality they then proceed to use the same weapon on themselves.

Often with no suicide note and no explanation offered.  The newspapers do their editorial on the incident.  People grieve and bury their dead and the police go on again about firearm controls.  In a year or two the incident passes into history until it happens again.  I believe it will happen, and again the person in question will finish his own life after a killing spree.  The fact that these incidents are not isolated to any one nation or background, would suggest that there are powers involved which are predisposed to this carnage.  The fact that this situation has repeated itself on a countless number of times does bare this out.  It takes a lot for a person to kill another and even more so to kill themselves in such a violent manner.

  • When a society fosters the belief that man is nothing more than an evolved ape.
  • That there is NO heaven to be gained and no hell to shunned.  It is well within the possibility that death itself looses all meaning.  But even that does not answer the question why take innocent lives along with your own.
  • Does a society which has openly rejected God bare some responsibility to what has happen?  Again this cannot answer the entire question.
  • Does a society that floods our screens with a daily diet of violent action films also bare some responsibility?  But what would this man be any more effected than his neighbour who might watch the same program.

I am convinced that something or someone has planted a strong desire within these people to carry out this outrage.  If the man was depressed would he not simply take his own life, as many have done in past years?  It’s the manner of the carnage and the way it ends with a suicide usually by the person in question shooting themselves.  There is a message being sent here that society must heed.

The Columbine Massacre occurred on Tuesday April 20 1999 at the Columbine High School in Jefferson County USA.  Two senior students embarked on a massacre.  Killing 12 students and one teacher and Injuring 21 others before killing themselves

Virginia Tech massacre again USA  Monday April 16 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech  32 people killed and again the person in question commits suicide

University of Texas 1966 in Austin 14 people were killed and 32 wounded by a lone assailant.

Dunblane Primary school in the Scottish town of Dunblane. March 13 1996 16 children and one adult were killed.  Again the assailant kills himself.

Now many put it down to violent video games or depression, but these just do not quite answer all the questions posed.  For not all massacres happen on school campuses and by students.  In this case Derrick Bird was 52 years old.  So age does not seem to come into the equation.

France: Father kills his three daughters, then shoots himself  They were of “Moroccan origin” and he had served a prison term after “assaulting his wife“, because she wanted to have a divorce

Olivia Marchand told a police dispatcher she was safe just seconds before her father shot and killed her. After killing his daughter, Brian Marchand then shot and wounded his wife, Jody, before committing suicide with the same gun, authorities said today.

On Jan. 23, Fitchburg State College freshman Allison Myrick, 19, of Groton, was stabbed to death, allegedly by her boyfriend, Robert Gulla, 19, of Shirley. Gulla stabbed and shot himself, but survived, police said.

On Jan. 17, a 23-year-old Seekonk man and a 20-year-old woman died in an apparent murder-suicide at a motel in North Attleborough after police tried to arrest the man on an outstanding warrant, authorities said.

On Jan. 14, police said, a Spencer man facing a foreclosure auction took his own life after shooting and killing his wife, shooting their horse, setting fire to their home, and torching his pickup.

Balcony plunge father John Hogan threw his children from a fourth-floor apartment rather than jumping with them in his arms, a new witness has claimed. The explosive testimony – which directly contradicts Hogan’s own evidence – can be revealed as it was announced that he could be free in Britain within three months. The jury at Hogan’s murder trial ruled he fell 50ft with his six-year-old son Liam and two-year-old daughter Mia in his arms during an “earthquake” of insanity. Liam died, while Mia and Hogan survived with minor injuries.

At his trial in the Cretan town of Chania last month, Hogan claimed not to remember how he, Liam and Mia fell from the balcon.   The Greek jury ruled that Hogan was insane at the time of the incident and therefore not guilty of murder nor attempted murder.

How true that testimony was we cannot know for sure.  But was it really insanity?  If so how many would we include in our list as being insane at the time of these killing.

Again this killing of personal members of ones family before killing ones self has also become a major factor.  Time after time we could bring up examples that do repeat themselves.  Some of those who survived make claims that they had a momentary urge of insanity. Some claim they don’t remember.  So what is the real truth?

I can appreciate that anger and revenge may be a major factor in many cases but surely not in every case.  How can someone who has a love for their child needlessly kill them before turning their gun on themselves.    There is without doubt a demonic trend being played out before the world and in many cases it goes unheeded and almost unnoticed by the world’s media.  Even if they do what can they do about it.

Personally Jesus is the only real hope for this world and the lives devastated by such tragedies.

2 Cor 4:8 “[We are] troubled on every side, yet not distressed; [we are] perplexed, but not in despair”

Here lies the hope of the Christian.  We may be troubled and we may be distressed but we do not have to despair.  For we see beyond vail to something better.

Rom 5:3 “By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”

Rom 12:2 “Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;”

We can only hope and pray for those who continue to be devastated by such trageties and pray that God will intervean.

  1. The Bible says that “the love of many will grow cold”
    This is one of the signs of the last days.
    Cumbrian man Derrick Bird went on a shooting spree killing 12 people and injuring others.

    Bird who is described as a loving and gentile man clearly harbouring many dark secrets.
    Relatives were reported as saying

    “For 52 years they knew one man, in several hours they heard about ANOTHER MAN”

    What possessed such a man to do what he did? What thoughts did he harbour that made him take the life of so many people? Yet the questions as I have intimated must go beyond just anger, or thoughts of malice. But a clear predetermined conscious which has been seared. A heart which has been driven to clear insanity. For no man with a sane mind and a sound conscience would ever enter into such an action. It was one thing to take his own life and send himself into eternity, but this clear predisposition to send others in such a terrible and tragic way was the action that was inspired by demonic forces.

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