The outward fruit of the inward church

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Church, Drunkeness, End times, false teachers

There are times I think this bill board has come to represent the confusion of what is going on in the church today.   Can anyone really read what the poster has to say.  In fact can anyone really guess which denomination produced it?  I suspect if they did they might be too ashamed to come forward.

Someone had to write this piece of mess.  Oh what shame it must bring as passers pass and read it. An almost unintelligent scribble propped up with the belief that it has anything worth intimating.   Today we have a church just like this poster.  To the world it is an unmeaning full mess,   With the message a shamble and a reproach.  How many boast of revival while leaders are jumping into bed with junior interns.  How many boast of revival while prostituting the gospel for a buck.  How many boast of revival while lies are all they can talk about.  How many claim revival when the gospel is prostituted into bed with everything unclean.  Be done with this mess, God says of a church I will spew you out of my mouth.   You are neither hot or cold. You boast of your wealth but you are poor and beggars before a Holy God..  Minister who have moved into their mistress’s home and living as husband and wife.  Men who have left their families and children to jump into bed with whoever passes by.  Who make excuses for their sins and play the field in the name of Jesus.  Immoral unclean and more often than not demon possessed to the toe nails.   They may call it Lakeland or the Toronto but no revival was found.   Make your excuses, make your boasts, and make your promises.  But he that sits in heaven will laugh and bring it to confusion.

Men call this mess revival.    If revival then they would be on their knees bowed with conviction.  They will not be down their barking and crowing and larking around.  No sins would be getting dealt with.  Men bowed in shame at how they have treated God and his word.   Spiritual drunkenness would have no place in our vocabulary.  Men today do not know what holiness is.  They play around and hope God does not see and does not care.  This bill board represent the church in all its glory.  Broken down, and lost to the truth.  All the while they teach that the old gospel ways are no longer any good, we must have delights which will attract, and they may attract but cannot save.

Now let’s get this clear God does not pretend or looks the other way, and hell is not the place you want to be.  Many who think themselves in revival right now will be destined for hell.  This poster reveals the heart of many who claim to be right but their sins are stacked up before God.   There are men in ministry right now who openly preach another gospel.    The comforter they could have known, the sweet assurance of his leading, the gentle presence that says your sins and forgiven.  Oh is there still a place for tears for the lost.  Is their still a place to cry over the lost.

Can we find it in our hearts to cry for those who say they believe but preach prostitution?  Will we sink before a God of such love that says today is the day of salvation and tomorrow could be too late.  Oh for a heart that will intercede, oh for a passion for worship and the truth.  Oh for a reality that says this is the gospel enter in.  OH for men that would cry out to God and be saved.  Oh that man would put down their tricks and teats and before God and cry out to be cleansed.  OH for a church birthed of the fire and the blood.  OH for a church bathed in the cleansing flood.  Oh for a church that will stand up for the truth.  Oh for men who have touched the altar and touch the heart of God.   Oh that we would become real.  Oh that we would have hearts that have been truly touched by God.  A people who have birthed revival out of night of agony and times in his presence.  A people with a passion for Gods integrity.  Who will place his honour and his interests above their own.   Oh for a church that is more than just a name or a TV show.  Oh for a people that knows how to refuse evil and choose what is good.


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