Deception has moved in lock stock and barrel

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Church, End times, false teachers, Manipulating people
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We are living in an age of unprecedented deception.  There has always been deception but unlike today they did not have the internet cable and satellite broadcasting to beam their message out to the world.  In the past deception was often isolated on the outside of the professing church.  Then it crept into the church where it looked for a home and found the couch.  But still it was kept to the very extreme edge of the professing church.  Today it is no longer the couch they possess they have moved in lock stock and barrel.  Suddenly it is the professing church that is excluded. Suddenly we are the ones who find ourselves on the extreme edges of what is called the church.

The deceiving of the elect.

  • Mar 13:22 “ For false Christ’s and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect.”

The Bible says that even the elect can be deceived if possible.  So it is possible for a Christian to be caught up in some form of deception.  However once that deception has been exposed you would not expect a Christian to continue promoting what is false.

Now many years ago I ran a tape and book library in my church.  I was given a tape by a friend who I knew and trusted.  I like what this minister sang.  He sounded so anointed. So in a moment my spiritual guard went down.  That was all it took.  His name was Kenneth Copeland.  I soon wrote of for his free magazine.  Soon my tape library had a few of this mans tapes in.  Sadly many who are deceived go on to deceive others.  Even though this was unintentional and thankfully very few listen to Copeland’s tapes.  Now you dont realise until God opens your eyes just what you have embraced.  It took another anointed man called Dave Hunt who wrote a book called the Seduction of Christianity that blew the lid on Copeland and others.  I remember I was walking around a local market looking for something and trying to speak something into existence.  Only to have God speak to me and say “Its not working for you is it”.   It was so clear and I had to acknowledge it was not.  Truth was winning out.  Now as it was I never did get into all the heretical aspect to what Copeland teaches.  But it did for a brief period did get into the positive confession side.  Not realising it was not my faith or my words that I needed but Gods.  I also remember that at the time when I came across Dave Hunt book, I could no afford to buy it out right.  So each week when I was in town I would read the book consecutively until I was able to buy the book.  I also bought his other book beyond seduction of Christianity.

Now a doctor can know that a patient is sick by just looking at him, but he has to go further to find out what the sickness is.  Now finding out that Copeland was a false teacher was one thing, but I needed to know why he was a false teacher.  So God put under the surgeon’s knife. As soon as I   began to read Dave Hunts book I recognised the truth.  It was if God was beginning to take his sword of the spirit and began to cut away and expose all the rubbish.    Finally he took me to what was Kenneth Hagin’s flagship teaching the rhema word and exposed it.  The article on this subject can be found on my Box account for reading or downloading. I know it has challenged many.

Now I can’t remember the pastor of that church ever standing up and exposing false teachers.  In those days it was not seen as the done thing.   If you are in a good church that exposes false teaching that’s good.  Sadly watch out for friends you trust giving you someone else’s teachings.  They may be a good friend but that does not mean they have not been deceived.  People and friends are often the vehicle to propagate false doctrines.  Most of all don’t be afraid to question.  If you pastor is a sound man of God he will not be embarrassed or offended by people questions.  It is when you are met with the don’t touch God anointed lark that you will realise that these men are not all they seem to be.

The church has become the minority.

Falsehood and deception has certainly become the standard among most churches, although not all.  If you are in a good church be thankful and blessed.  Once most churches were fairly orthodox and the false ones a minority, however today this trend seems to have changed dramatically.  Many churches have simply capitulated to whatever is being passed around.  Either because the pastor has been pressurised by members within his church or the Pastor has been the main protagonist for bringing in false teachings. Either way the church has succumbed to the sickness of false teaching.

The church has become the victim of starlets and mega stars.

While there is nothing wrong in principle of going to people to ask advice and help, we must first and foremost become a people that seeks God.  Now this practice has been severely undermined as most people will not just through a starlet preacher, but will stay there.  They don’t get any further than his TV channel.    These starlets and mega stars have become the larger than life celebrities within Christian’s circles, and many have placed their eternal destinies in their hands.  You can’t do that.  The apostles always pointed a person to Jesus.  It’s when people land up pointing to themselves as the man of the hour.  Walk away they can’t help you.

  • 1 Cor 1:12- “Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.   Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?  I thank God that I baptized none of you, but Crispus and Gaius”
  • 1 Cor 1:29 “That no flesh should glory in his presence.”

Even the apostles had the same problem in those days.  People have their favourites.  But it was bringing division to the body of Christ.  But they had to look beyond their favourites and recognised that Jesus was the one to glory in.

  • 1 Cor 1:30 “ But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.”

Until we get passes the ideology of worshipping starlets and mega stars nothing will change.  Now it cannot be impressed enough that these starlets and mega stars are not going to give up their place in people lives.  So we will see an ever increasing pressure to hold onto their stardom.  I mean for them the money the fame and the stardom is the all embracing thing.  They are not going to give that up for nothing and for no one, not even for Christ.

Now expect to see an ever increasing dependence on signs and wonders and just about anything to keep you attention.

I know of a woman who has an illness and so does her son.  She does the runs of local conferences looking for her healing.  The one person she should be seeking is Jesus.   Now this running after always means embracing theologies and teachings of some imported mega starlet.  Buying their books and tapes and confessing healings.  Now I do hope she is healed except I don’t believe it, as she keeps going to get her healing.  If she was healed why would she keep seeking it?  I have great sympathy for the sick but I don’t have for deception and lies.  It has been proven that in many of Benny Hinn’s healing conferences the real sick never make it to the front to be prayed for.  They are usually filtered out as they come to the front by Hinn guards.  The real sick are never seen on Benny’s TV shows.  So the illusion is maintained that people are being healed when they are not.

The illusion of Christian TV

Now as you might appreciate TV is predominantly an illusion. A make believe world that passes itself as being as real as possible, and that is what acting is all about.  It is to fool the general public into suspending their judgement and critical faculties and embrace this make believe world.  Many Christian TV channels do the same.  Now I have to emphasis that this does not mean that all Christian channels are up the creek.  But many of those who run these stations will have their own agenda and will push their own favourite teachers.  Many of them are definitely up the creek.  It is in their interest to give the impression that the Holy Spirit works with the cameras and shows up on cue.  Sorry the Holy Spirit does what he chooses, not when we whistle.  What do you do when the Holy Spirit refuses to cooperate?  You can guess they make it up as they go along.  It’s this whole world of illusion.  The trade of the magician’s illusionist and camera tricks.  Do not be surprised that in the near future someone is able to televise the odd angels or two.  There before the world, people will be able to see except it will come as a computer generated character, made up in some back room by the boffins of high tech.

All to give the appearance that the man at the front is Gods anointed.  If he makes claims of seeing angels who is going to call him a liar and who is going to call him out?   However many are not prepared to accept the illusion and see it for what it is.  They are not prepared to embrace the smoke and mirrors or the deception that goes with it.  People want the real thing.

Christianity has become big business

Maybe this is probably the worst part of all this deception.  Christianity has become just another business.  Therefore Christianity has become another corporate business turning a buck.  Salvation is nothing more than a gimmick on the back of a tract, and Jesus just another bill board character on the same lines as superman or spider man. The main aim is to fleece as many people as possible and make someone very rich and prosperous.  That’s why many of these mega preachers are extremely rich.  It generally means there are a lot of people who were desperate are now even more desperate.  Now the crazy thing is that because people have been brought up in this culture they almost expect to be taken for a ride.  People just don’t question it when the bucket is passed around two or three times.  What used to be a collection plate is now large buckets.  People give time after time not daring to question.  They are fed the lie that if they want to be blessed and receive they have to give.  Not even realising that if that was the case they would in fact be buying their blessing, where is that in scripture?  It is so subtle and deceptive that many just do not wake up to the fact that they have been fleeced.  The flow of this so called blessing only goes one way up to the man at the front.

Until this culture changes deception will continue.  Until people wake up to this deception nothing is going to change.  Until this deception is challenged by people like myself nothing will change.

  1. Richvision says:


    you probably want to go through your article for spelling errors, I spotted quite a few, and it changes the whole meaning of things in some cases, and these below were wrong words used I think?

    They are fed the lie that if they want to be blessed and receive they have to get* (should be give)

    not sure if allusion is right as that means to refer to something indirectly 🙂 lol

  2. Richvision says:

    unless I’m not understanding the usage of this word? I wasn’t very good at more than simple vocabulary in much of my life.

  3. Richvision says:

    looks neat and gives person choice of which comment they want to reply to and which individual comment within the comment….unlike in facebook where you can’t do that and it looks all messy and easy to lose train of thought

  4. Richvision says:

    the childhood story of Little Red Riding Hood is no longer told anymore……not sure how accurate it is to scripture though, but I think it is somewhat helpful isn’t it?

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