The growing lawlessness

Posted: May 31, 2010 in End times, Manipulating people
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In the growing culture of lawlessness we continue to hear stories that should anger and disturb us.

There is a series called the “SONS OF ANARCHY” , which is based upon a motorbike gang.  I suspect they in turn may be loosely based upon the Hells angels or the outlaws.  Two rival gangs which compete for the title of top dog. The sons of Anarchy have their own web site.

They also have a range of clothing which advertises the show.  Now remember this is only a TV production.  The real thing exists out there in day to day existence.  These are only actors playing a part.  But the real bike gangs are for real.  So the show seeks to make things as realistic as possible.  So who influences who?

However real life can be more real that some fictional TV series. Because in real life the dead don’t get to go home after the director says cut.

In 2007 Gerry Tobin, a Hell’s Angel, was shot dead by a gang of Outlaws after leaving the Bull Dog Bash and driving home on the M40. Last year four Outlaws and four Angels were convicted of involvement in a machete fight at Birmingham airport. The Bull Dog Bash is a bikers’ festival near Warwickshire England.  Police have tried repeatedly to shut it down.

Assistant Chief Constable Bill Holland claims that the four-day event, which attracts up to 15,000 bikers, is a cover for organised crime and poses a risk of a violent clash between the group and its arch-rivals, the Outlaws.

While it must be said that most Bikers bashes are incident free they do become the excuse for drinking, smoking cannabis and a whole range of other immoral incidences.

Let’s turn to another topic.  Vampire diaries another TV series or twilight books have become the inside cool attraction to the young. They too have a website and can be also found on Face Book. They also sell merchandise. Like a Vampire Diaries “Salvatore Brothers” Beach Towel and tee shirts.

At the end of the day the actors go home, put up their feet and look forward to another days filming but here we have a report  titled Vampire obsessed’ man raped girl

  • A man said in court to be obsessed with vampires has been found guilty of raping a 13-year-old schoolgirl.
  • She claimed she had once seen him cut himself and drink his own blood, Lincoln Crown Court was told.
  • Forde, who described himself as a member of the “alternative community”, was found guilty on two charges of rape. He will be sentenced later.  He was also convicted of two indecent assaults and five offences of having sex with a girl under the age of 16 between May and October 2002.  Forde was also found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm for cutting her chest with a razor blade, leaving her permanently scarred, after blindfolding her for a “game”.  He was cleared of a second charge of assault, relating to an alleged attack in which he was said to have cut her back and drunk her blood.
  • ‘Gothic phase’
  • Mr Justice Hunt remanded Forde in custody after adjourning sentence.
  • He had denied prosecution claims that he was obsessed with vampires but admitted he had been through a “Gothic” phase in his life.  He said that in the past he had painted his face white with black lines, like the main character in the notorious horror movie The Crow.  Forde said he regarded his relationship with the girl as “a friendship with small extras” but said he had no sexual contact with the teenager.

These are just two of many reported cases.  The perpetrators of these crimes must be held accountable according to the law.  However it must also be asked when the moral status of a society becomes more and more obsessed.  With TV series with suggestive content, scripts which dish out a daily diet of violence, broken marriages, failed relationships, fantasy realities.  Is it a wonder that the moral plump line between what is right and wrong is becoming inextinguishable?   We have for those who like TV soaps, the ever increasing rehash of the same old scripts. Violence, adultery, divorce, scheming, lying, deception, and ever other ungodly vice.   If are a night hawk then there is the night channels of sex and porn.

Is it any wonder people begin to believe this is the norm.  Worse yet this is what the public demands.  So immorality becomes a vicious circle of demand and supply.  So popular script writer are found writing away into the night trying to out do them selves.  The pressure is for more actions, more blood, and more carnality.  Each time coming closer to the invisible line that’s says unacceptable.  As lawlessness increases that line is not just pushed back, but will completely disappear.  Every twist and scheming of men and demands for live action means that what people perceive is right and wrong becomes just so much fog,  So what if our children watch horror movies and they begin to think it is real.  Ask the girl who was raped by a man who is obsessed by vampires.  I mean they are presented as something cool, the leading actor is a hunk and the leading girl is so cute.  But it is fantasy they cry..  But people do not want to be reminded that it is a fantasy.  They want to believe in the undead.  They want to be the action hero that saves the day and wins the heart of the leading lady.  If they are slightly evil it only adds to the cocktail of the character.  People want to be wrapped up in the character until they believe it is real.  Is it any wonder we see people emulating their fantasies.

Many will argue that the  stories are cool funny and most of all they sell and make their authors loads of cash.  They will argue that it is  not their fault if people take the whole thing to the next level. Its not their fault that people embrace and change the whole thing into a reality.  They write the stories but reject any accountability.  They write the scripts because that is what people want.  So they excuse their conscience that they are only supplying what is demanded.



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