Posted: May 15, 2010 in false teachers

One night there is a knock at your door. You rise to see who is knocking. Who will it be a friend, a relative, maybe the police? But no one would suspect a burglar. What If that was the case? There on your door step stands a man in a mask with a rucksack. You invite him in, and show him where all your valuables are. Make him a cup of coffee. Afterward he proceeds to tie you up and then walks out the door. Before he leaves he turns and with a smile says thanks mate. Would you consider yourself a fool? Would you not wonder at the wisdom of such foolishness? Yet today countless good people are opening doors to the sheep stealers and feeding their flock to wolves and jackals.

They come in and prey on the sheep; they rob you of your valuables in the shape of young converts. They steal you of your ministry and hinder the blessing. As they leave or in some cases have you chucked out of your church. With a smile they believe they have the right to whatever they can take. Yet none asks what terrible person would allow these robbers to come creeping in? What foolish pastor would allow wolves to come in and steal? What sort of wisdom is this that opens the front door to a burglar?

Yet countless numbers do this in the name of Christ. In the name of ecumenicalism and Interfaith fellowships. How many believe that we must all unite against some common foe. Yet where in scripture does it teach this. The silence is there for all to see. Have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

Is it not love to protect the sheep? Is it not love to bar the door of the sheep fold against its enemies? Shepherds bare an awesome responsibility to protect their sheep. God will require it of men to give an account of their failures? Do any really believe that God does not see what men do in the darkness? Let’s all stand in the truth and give an account for what we have done. To reach out yes but never allow in what growls and gnash their teeth, which eyes up the sheep with blood stained eyes, which says breakfast dinner and tea. It would be foolishness to embrace what God does not command. The question is who servant are we? There is a terrible responsibility if we look the other way and make believe that it does not matter.

Unity is not everything if Christ is not the Lord of all who are present. So pastor love the sinner but do not join them in their sin. Don’t allow the jackals and wolves to bed down with the sheep. For there will be fewer the next day. Win the lost but make sure they are saved, before allowing them to take service over the faithful. For who knows what form a wolf may take.


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